Media folder (via Kodi)

Associated to your Alldebrid account, we propose a media folder via a HTTP link. The link is available directly at your alldebrid user panel.

Our media folder display links generated through your Alldebrid account in three categories :

  • History : list all the links streamable generated from your account, the past 72 hours.

  • Links : list all the streamable links that you have saved via the "saved for later" option.

  • Magnets : list your magnets and torrent files that can be streamed.

Via this HTTP link, you can access to all the links you have generated on your account, and access them as you please, either through your browser, or through any third party software that manage HTTP folders (like Kodi).

How to link your folder to Kodi

When on the Kodi home page, Click on "Video" on the left menu, and select "Files" under "Categories".

Click on "Add videos", then click on the line "none".

Copy paste your alldebrid "HTTP media folder", available above and click "ok".

On the "Set content" screen, just click "OK", and you are all set!

From now on, you can select the source of your folder and see all your links under their category.

Last updated on 5 mars 2020