Specific third party error message

These type of issue always come from a software on the user's side that is not working properly.

Your download stops before the end, stops at 99%

This type of problem comes from a conflict between your security suite and your download manager (eg Internet Download Manager). You must add a complete authorization rule for your download manager in your security / firewall suite.

IDM provides several examples in their FAQ (see "Reason 2 ").

Your download is corrupted / return a CRC error

This issue occurs most of the time during the process of a compressed archive extraction (.rar, etc). Check that your decompression program (Winrar, 7zip, etc) is up to date.

Your download doesn't start because your security software is triggering a warning (malicious file, dangerous URL, SSL error message, etc)

This problem comes from the fact that your security software detects our URL as malicious, which is a false positive. We act as a proxy, we don't host content. If multiple of our users download malicious files from file sharing service, that has nothing to do with us.

You can either report the false positive to your security software support (they usually have a dedicated page for that purpose), or you can add our download domain to the whitelist of your security software. You must add all of our download domains in your security software whitelist (according to their settings, with the * before and after our domain).

Here is the full list of our download domains :


Our website doesn't load the CSS (white background), you can't generate a link (infinite spinning)

This situation comes from a conflict with a third party software, blocking our request on your side.

Usually, the culprits are addons like "Ghostery" or "Privacy Badger", even though they claim to not alter or trigger on our service. Disabling them will fix the issue.

Last updated on 23 août 2022