How to manage your Apikeys

An API key gives access to your account, just like your username + password. It's an easier way for any third party to use your account.

Any third party software (Like Jdownloader, or a Kodi addon) will use an API key, and you can view and manage them directly from here.

Please manage your API keys just like you would manage your password (don't share them, etc).

Once you are on your apikey panel, you will be able to generate a API key :


  1. Add the name you want to identify the API key (it can be anything).

  2. Hit the green button "Create".

  3. From here, you can copy paste the "Apikey" directly into the third party software that needs your Apikey in order to work. You can also disable the geo security for that Apikey if necessary.

  4. Here, you will find all the "internal" apikeys, that are used directly by our service. You don't have to change anything here, unless you want to disable the geo security for a specific function on our service.

Last updated on 24 avr. 2020