Limited hosts

Some file hosting services are limited on our service through a daily quota.

These limits have been established for a very simple reason: these hosts limit their premium accounts themselves.

For example, if a premium account from a file hosting service allows 30GB/day, we can't propose unlimited datas for that particular host. We can't offer unlimited traffic on something that is limited.

Therefore, these limits allow to share the quotas provided by the limited hosts among all the users of Alldebrid, and also, to avoid the rule of "first come first served". These limits will allow you to be able to use a little bit of these file hosters every day.

As for the reset, this is done every 24 hours, but it is not a complete reset.

If you ever have a file that is larger than the limit, you can download it. But it will take several days to fully reset your limit. The equivalent of the limit is subtracted every 24 hours. Thus, for a host limited to 5GB, every 24 hours, your quota will be reduced by 5GB. If you download a file of 15GB, it will take 3 days to reset your quota to 0.

Last updated on 4 mars 2020