Debug third party software

Alldebrid don't provide any content, and will never do so. We are acting as a proxy between YOU and a third party software. You or your third party sofware provide content, links, torrents files or magnet links.

If you have an issue with a third party software using our service, we offer a tool that will allow you to enable complete logs on your account, to check if your Alldebrid account has received any links, and if so, the error message returned.

This will work with anything. The log will show every generated link through your account (from our API or our downloader, everything !).

These additional logs can be enabled from your Alldebrid account settings under "Links history".

Premium account

When this option is enabled, you will be able to see all the links generated from your account here.

THIS OPTION IS NOT RETROACTIVE. Only the links you generate following the activation of this option will show up.

When this option is activated on your account, if you try to use your third party software and there is no link showing up in your alldebrid history, it means your third party software has never sent any link to our service. Therefore, the issue doesn't come from our side and you must contact the support of your third party software.

Last updated on 19 mars 2020