The Alldebrid plugin available from Jdownloader was developed by the Jdownloader team. For any problem with Jdownloader, you will need to contact their support.

Once Jdownloader is installed on your device, simply add your Alldebrid account via the Jdownloader account manager.
You can fill anything in the "username" and "password" fields, it is irrelevant at this point.

Premium account

Click on the "save" button, and follow the instructions. You must allow your device via the link available in the popup.
The link is automatically opened in your browser, just validate it and wait for the Jdownloader verification.

Make sure you are connected to your Alldebrid account on your browser, otherwise you won't be able to validate the /pin request.

Premium account

From now on, when you add a link compatible with our service in Jdownloader, it will be processed via our service (API).

If you want to disable the process of the "free" hosts from Alldebrid, by Jdownloader, follow this guide.

Last updated on 27 mars 2020