Webdav access for your Alldebrid media folder

We offer the possibility to access your media folder via webdav.

Here are all the information you will need :

Address : https://webdav.debrid.it/
Username : $APIKEY
Password : eeeee

Or, if your software allows it, directly : https://webdav.debrid.it/$APIKEY

Here are some examples of configurations :

Windows, via the Raidrive software

Make sure you have the following options for best performance :

  • Read Only : Enabled
  • File preview : Disabled
  • Update storage changes : Disabled


Win/Mac/Linux, via the RClone software

Configuration :

  • Option Storage : WebDAV
  • Option vendor : Other site/service or software (other)

Make sure you have the following options on the mount for best performance (rclone mount) :

--dir-cache-time 10s --multi-thread-streams=0 --cutoff-mode=cautious --vfs-cache-mode minimal --network-mode --buffer-size=0 --read-only

You will find all the steps here.

Android, via the app Cx File explorer


Android, via the app Total commander


Linux, natively : davs://APIKEY@webdav.debrid.it/


Last updated on 7 juin 2023